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Year End 2009

It has happened without anyone much noticing. The year end has snuck up on us here at the worldwide headquarters of the Alaska Law Blog, and we are completely unprepared. It might be that we have been too busy actually practicing law these days to spend any time blogging about it. Or it might be that we’ve frittered away too much time staring out the window at Russia over the way there. (No wait! That might actually be the Mat Su Valley across the Inlet. Does Vladimir Putin even wear Carhartts?)

But regardless of the cause for our lassitude (and no, I don’t mean a collie dog with a chip on its shoulder), we have been unable to compile our annual list of Alaska law highlights for the year. (OK, so we only actually did that once.) Since Gov. Palin resigned there hasn’t been all that much of note going on anyway. The replacement unit, Gov. Parnell, has conducted himself in a much more level-headed manner. It’s probably just a coincidence that the replacement unit is a lawyer himself.

wayneslist.jpg So we have to confess that the Features Desk here at the Alaska Law Blog has fallen down on the job and cannot produce the annual list. To make amends to our reader out there, I’ve compiled a list of other people’s law-related lists. Hey, I know it’s filching. But in the law business this is an accepted practice. Original thinking usually means your motion will be denied or your case dismissed.

Besides the only real Alaska law highlight that occurred this year was the passing of Ɯberlitigant Daniel DeNardo. Mr. DeNardo was a fixture in the Anchorage law library and he always good for at least five lawsuits every year, sometimes as many as ten or twelve. More often than not, the judge who last threw out one of his cases would be named as a defendant in the next one, as a part of an ever broadening consipiracy in Mr. DeNardo’s view. (It was kind of like a reverse Ponzi scheme.) Mr. DeNardo’s death has no doubt freed up a large amount of judicial resources in the Alaska Court System. So perhaps one of the trial court judges might be joining the unemployment line. (Shocked at the possibility? Don’t be, it’s happened elsewhere.)

Anyway, if you want to be entertained by year end lists, here are handful to check out:

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