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A Rogue Blog Post

The Alaska Law Blog is completely apolitical. We withhold our campaign contributions from the left and the right in equal measure. We have no agenda, save that which advances the cause of unmuddied legal thinking in the Last Frontier.

But sometimes the political circus overwhelms our studied apathy. The announcement yesterday on former Governor Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, and the frenzy thereby unleashed, have overtopped the restraints we have erected. The book hasn’t even been released for the public to read yet and still every media outlet and blog is abuzz over it.

RED791_300.jpgBut this book by the phantom Governor is not all bad news. It has yielded its co-author a handsome monetary advance. The upwelling tizzy over it will sell a great many copies and lead to a gutpile of royalties. (The book is already tops on Amazon’s bestseller list.) With these earnings, the Governor-who-isn’t will be able to now pay a very large outstanding bill that she owes to the fine Alaska attorneys who successfully fended off the ethics complaints made against her.

And, even though the hullabaloo over this book is likely going to get tiresome, anything that provides for the payment of large outstanding legal bills is, as a general rule, something that we at the Alaska Law Blog favor.