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Justice Eastaugh Retiring

Folks who ought to know are saying that Justice Robert Eastaugh is retiring from the Alaska Supreme Court. My information is that Justice Eastaugh is going to be hanging up the black robe in early November 2009.

Justice Eastaugh has served on the Court for the last 15 years. He was appointed by Governor Wally Hickel. You can access Justice Eastaugh’s biographical information on the Court System’s website.

Given the last go-round between Govenor Palin’s supporters and the Judicial Council over Justice Morgan Christen’s appointment, it will be interesting to see how this upcoming vacancy on the State’s highest court is handled.

(I haven’t seen this item reported in the media or elsewhere yet. So now you can’t ever say that the Alaska Law Blog is always way behind the current news cycle.)

4/15 UPDATE: Justice Eastaugh’s retirement is now confirmed on the Alaska Judicial Council’s website.