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Shameless Self-Promotion

To tell the truth, I don’t want to do this. I’m being forced into it against my will. The duress I’m under is not quite as bad as the classic National Lampoon cover where they threatened to kill the dog if you didn’t buy the magazine (I bought one). But it’s along the same lines.

Lampoon.jpgYou see, I’ve gotten this directive from the Virtual Managing Editor of the Alaska Law Blog that I need to post an entry of shameless self-promotion. Honestly, this cuts against the grain for me, what with my humble, Opie-Andy-Aunt Bee Midwestern upbringing and all that. But a directive from the Big Desk is not to be ignored.

(This puts me in mind of the time when I was a cub reporter on the Indianapolis Star, way, way back in the Plasticine Era. I was brand new, learning the ropes on the City Desk. One day the police were in a stand off with some stressed-out citizen with a gun. The City Editor had me run out to the scene and pick up exposed film from one of the photographers there. I had just got back to the City Desk from this errand when it came up on 6 p.m., the normal quitting time. The City Editor, who was an urbane, educated man and generally very calm fellow, looked at me with a slight grin on his face and said, “Well, you had better get back out there.” All the assistant city editors, who never seemed to like me much, looked up from what they were doing with what I took to be some sort of anticipation.

I thought it was a joke, a ritual hazing of the new kid. So I said: “Ha, Ha! Right! I’ll see you all tomorrow.” I picked up my jacket to leave. The City Editor fired back a look at me that let me know he was not kidding around. This was breaking news and — By God! – you, mere pipsqueak youth, shall do my bidding no matter what hour of the day or night it might be! It was a classic City Editor sort of thing, the kind of look you’d expect from J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle. I mean, his gaze was so searing that I just about spontaneously combusted. “OK, then,” I stammered. “I’ll just get back out there.”

So, I learned to heed any directives from the Big Desk, and this has stuck with me ever since the Piezoelectric Epoch.)

Anyway, what I need to say is that the Alaska Law Blog has received its first notice in the mainstream media. Well, perhaps mainstream media is too strong a term, since what I’m actually talking about is the Anchorage Press. But it’s still Old World media, printed on actual newsprint and available in news boxes around town.

And, of course, the “notice” the blog received did not really have anything to do with the law. Rather, the Press piece was on the ghost bike in Anchorage that I wrote about a couple of weeks back. Nevertheless, there is a mention of the Alaska Law Blog in the article so we’re going to claim this as a full 10 seconds of the 15 minutes of fame to which we are entitled. (Along these same lines, we are hopeful of garnering a mention of the blog next month in the PennySaver.)

You can read the Anchorage Press piece here. My favorite part of the article is where the reporter notes that “Jerome Juday . . usually writes in relatively plain English” about law-related topics. I’m practically blushing about this “plain English” compliment since I don’t think there’s higher praise than this for a humble business lawyer. You know, that is, relatively speaking.

(I also have to confess that when the reporter called me up about the story, I was leery. I thought he wanted to try to sell me a subscription to the paper. It took some minutes before I remembered that the Anchorage Press is free.)

Oh, and one more item of shameless self-promotion that I am compelled to slip in here. Your humble servant has once again been named in the Best Lawyers in America in the category of Corporate Law. The letter I got says:

For over a quarter of a century, Best Lawyers has been regarded – by both the profession and the public – as the definitive guide to legal excellence in the United States. Selection to Best Lawyers is based on an exhaustive and rigorous peer-review survey comprising more than 2.5 million confidential evaluations by the top attorneys in the country. Because no fee or purchase is required, being listed in Best Lawyers is considered a singular honor.

Gaaw-aaw-ly, Sheriff Taylor, that’s heady stuff! I’m not sure how all this fits with just being a Regular Joe who writes blog posts using phrases like “federal gummint” or “Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo.” But there you have it.