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Pat Gilmore Gets A Clue (And An Award)

One of Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon’s very own, Patrick B. Gilmore, received the 2008 Professionalism Award from the Alaska Bar Association. The award was announced at the May 1 Bench and Bar Luncheon, a part of the Bar’s Annual Convention.

The award was a surprise to Pat when he heard his name called. (Pat is better known as “Gil” amongst the cognoscenti of Alaska.) Gil had been lured to the luncheon by a longtime friend, knowing nothing about the award. He probably should have thought it strange that his wife, Chris, and 22 year old daughter, Casey, showed up at a Bar Association lunch. The fact that a couple of Pat’s clients were there as well could have been a tip off that something was in the works. But Gil was as low key as ever, oblivious to it all. (I guess no one ever said “professionalism” was necessarily synonymous with “swift on the uptake.”)

Gil.jpgThe Bar’s Professionalism Award is a true honor, serving as recognition from fellow lawyers of the respect with which the recipient is held. And really there could not be a better person for the award than Pat. He is a lawyer who quietly and efficiently goes about his client’s business. He is never flashy and never obstructive, but always effective. Unlike many lawyers who talk about the importance of pro bono work, but do not follow through and actually provide it, Pat has without fanfare given substantial time to handling cases for the domestic violence project. He is the embodiment of the highest ideals that every lawyer should strive to achieve. Pat is a throwback to a nobler age, a reminder that the law is a learned profession and not a mercenary pursuit.

So let us all raise a glass to Patrick Gilmore and congratulate him on a well-deserved award!

(Hey, I’m more than willing to make Pat the butt of jokes, but you have to hand it to a guy who gets the Professionalism Award. And besides, anyone who names his dog “Bluto” after the late, great Senator John Blutarsky is A-OK in my book.)