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New Office/Retail Building Nearing Completion

One of Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon’s favorite clients, Ruby Investments, Inc., is getting close to finishing up the construction of a new 15 story mixed use office/retail building in Midtown Anchorage. The project is a known as 188 West Northern Lights, which not coincidentally is the building’s address. (Clever thing, that!) It’s a terrific project that will have some unique architectural features to dress up Midtown. The building’s location, at the intersection of Northern Lights Boulevard and C Street, will make it a real landmark right at the main crossroads in the heart of town. We put together the architect’s contract and the construction contract for Ruby Investments and we helped them negotiate those deals.

As with most large real estate developments, this one was not without its little hiccups. But it was all worked out through the art of negotiation and the application of a bit of brain prowess in crafting the necessary documents. Now the building is nearing completion and Ruby Investments is lining up tenants to move in and enjoy the great location and swanky new building. Check out the live web cam of the project: 188WNL Cam

We’re proud of the small role we played in helping the Ruby Investments team bring this project together. It’s just another example of how a lawyer can have a positive influence on a client’s business. (Excellent thing, that!)