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Helpful Links

During the course of our business litigation and transactional work here at Atkinson Conway & Gagnon, we often investigate corporations, including making sure they are registered to do business in Alaska, that they are properly licensed, and identifying their officers, shareholders, and registered agents.

A valuable (and free) research tool is the Department of Commerce’s Corporations Database. Anyone can use this (free) database to look up corporations registered in Alaska, determine when it was created, make sure it is in good standing, and find out who its shareholders are, as well as who is serving as officers, directors, and registered agent. Oftentimes, a corporation’s biennial reports are also available to download (again for free).

You can search the Corporations Database by name, by their Alaska Entity #, by registered agent, or by the name of their officers.

Another valuable tool is Department of Commerce’s business license search engine, which is also free and can be used to make sure that the company you are about to sign a contract with is actually licensed to operate in Alaska.